Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bout of Books Challenge #3: Genre Book Spine Poetry

Another spine poetry challenge! This one's hosted by Smash Attack Reads and is slightly different in the sense that all the books you pick have to come from the same genre. Otherwise the rules are the same as during Spine Poem Challenge: you can add the same amount of words that equals the number of books you picked.
So basically my bookshelves have three kinds of books - fantasy books, classic books and books in Estonian. The latter is eliminated for obvious reasons and since every other of my fantasy books come swith words "magic", "sword" or "dragon" in title, I decided to go with the classics. (And it wasn't easy, but who can refuse a Spine Poem challenge? Certainly not me!)

In Nineteen Eighty-Four
Oliver Twist, Hamlet and Jane Eyre,
Martin Eden and Lady Chatterley's Lover
were swimming
Twenty Thousand Leagues
Under the Seas;
For Whom the Bell Tolls?
asked Count

9 books used, 7 words added.


  1. Love this one! These things are so addicting...

    1. It's true :) I love that feeling of gush of creativity I get when thinking of a new one :)

  2. I love this! I also have that edition of Oliver Twist - I'm sure I spend far too much on hardbound Penguin Classics...

    1. Thanks Lucy. Spine poetry is so addictive :) And yes I know how you feel about Penguin Classics, I might have the same problem... (I do hope I get to read that Dickens soon :) )


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