Monday, February 25, 2013

Brain Food, V

More books... There is always more books.
From top to bottom:
* Charles Dickens, "A Tale of Two Cities" - I saw it on my friend's bookshelf and she kindly lent it to me, as this is one of the four Dickenses I need for my Classics Club reading list.
* Jane Austen, "Persuasion" - I guess this is as good time as any to confess I haven't read any Jane Austen... Nor do I have much inclination to, but I guess if I want to become a well-read person, one or two of her works should be dealth with.
* Charles Dickens, "Oliver Twist" - pretty, pretty, pretty. On Valentine's Day we went to bookshop with my boyfriend and he gifted me this book (plus I sneaked in that Austen as well, as Penguin Classics were still 50% off). Afterwards we also went to the game shop and I gifted him something he fancied so all's well.
* D. L. Bogdan, "The Forgotten Queen" - and here comes the start of baby steps to historical fiction. I won this book through a giveaway and it's about Margaret Tudor, the not-so-often portrayed Queen of Scotland. Read two chapters and luckily, didn't even feel like I'd want to stop. Promising start, at least.


  1. I just finished A Tale of Two Cities at the weekend, it's an incredible book!

    1. I read your review, too, and after that I had this urge to go and start reading "A Tale of Two Cities" right away. Thankfully I fought it off (being in the middle of other books.)

  2. I really liked Persuasion. It's one of the Austen novels I like better (Sense and Sensibility is probably my least favorite, and I haven't read Mansfield Park yet). I hope you like it!

  3. Those Penguin Classic cloth editions are beautiful! I own Wuthering Heights, but would love to have a few more on my shelves.


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