Saturday, February 23, 2013

April - celebrating naturalism through Zoladdiction

In the spring month of April, o over at Délaissé and Fanda from Fanda Classiclit will be hosting a wonderful event called Zoladdiction. It is not overly difficult to guess that we will be reading a lot of Émile Zola that month.
There are three levels available:
  1. Maheude (read 1 book)
  2. Gervaise (read 2-3 books)
  3. Nana (read 4 or more books)
I think I am going for the middle option and try to read two or three books. I have already started "Germinal" (currently on hold), so that will be a sure choice; another one that I will pick up is likely to be "Thérèse Raquin" (a re-read) and if I have time then also "Nana". All those three books are also part of my big Classics Club reading list.
If you are interested, please visit blog posts of the two lovely ladies, o and Fanda, for more information on the event. Everyone is welcome to take part!


  1. Yayy! Can't wait to read your thoughts on Germinal, I love that book!

    1. I'm very excited to read everyone's thoughts on Germinal :) I guess it's gonna feel a bit like a readalong (I've never participated in one).

  2. I think there are several of us that are starting with Germinal. Should be fun!


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