Saturday, March 2, 2013

Closing the lid of February

A duckie leaping towards the spring sun. Photo from last year.

This was some short month. Nevertheless, it feels like eons have passed since it was February 1st. It was a month of mixed feelings for me. Some ghosts from the past (pretty big ones) came back haunting, and aftermath can be felt for some time to come, but on the other hand, I discovered strengths and reserves in myself I didn't know ever existed. So overall, I am happy content.

Book wise, it was also an o-kay month. Here's what I read:
2626 pages in total. Statistically-technically anyway, because "1Q84" I started way back in January, it just took me awful lot of time to get through it. I shall write down my thoughts on both, Murakami and King, in near future. Happy with two Classics Club reads; if the month had had normal length, I would have been able to add "Persuasion" there as well.
So what is going to happen in March?
At first, it's the month of Classics Club event Modern March. I have picked two books - "Tender is the Night" by Fitzgerald and "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Hemingway. I shall start with the latter, as it is not the book I am super eager to read.
Secondly, by April 1 I should also be done with "Arrowsmith", my outcome for the Classics Club Spin event. Apparently, Sinclair Lewis is tough cookie and can not be easily found from shops around here, so I had to order the book. It was sent off a few days ago, so I expect it to arrive some time next week.
There is another book on the TBR-shelf, which has kept winking at me for a while now - Dickens's "A Tale of Two Cities", the book I lent from friend and which some Classics Clubbers have read and praised lately. Alas, be patient my eager heart - the time has not yet come for Dickens.
But first of all, I shall finish off "Persuasion" (which I am, surprisingly, even enjoying in some strange kind of level).


  1. oooo!! Had a busy week? hahaha

    New GFC follower

    follow back?

  2. I've started feeling like reading A Tale of Two Cities recently but having just finished one Dickens I think I need a short break. I hope you enjoy your Modern March choices and Persuasion!

    1. Yeah, I know how reading the same author a lot can wear you out. Need to take breaks once in a while :) I did enjoy Persuasion, now if I could only find strength to write down the thoughts. Thank you!


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