Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This and that

New year, new blog.

I love reading, but my reading habits have not been very organised so far. I haven't marked down what I read, when I read, how I read, and at times, it is highly annoying. Maybe this'll help.

When it comes to books, I mainly search for emotion. I often cannot remember names (disturbing!) or even plots, but I can say "This is one of my favourites!" just based on emotion I remember it giving me. I am not genre-picky, but leaning towards fantasy, sci-fi, fiction in general, classics. Not particularly excited over young adult stuff, historical fiction, romance, fluffy pink female-targeted books (not even sure how to call these). I think it is fair to say I am not searching for "easy" reading (never understood why people need that for summer vacations) and I kind of have problem with stuff that has got a lot of hype... But hey, just being honest. I can read the hype-books, even if just to see if I was right to neglect them, but only after considerable amount of time has passed since their release. 

I also have a soft spot for the style of writing. Beauty of the words. Oftentimes the plot is really secondary, only if the story is beautifully written.

There are always thoughts I want to share about things I have read, but as with everything, I tend to approach from humouristic angle and some of my thoughts may seem or come off as funny/weird/blasphemic/rude/offensive. But these are my thoughts, and this here is my blog, so it's all alrighty.

So, long story short - I am going to post about my bookish experiences (what I read, a review or two, maybe photos, or generally, what ever comes to mind and fits the theme). 

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  1. I like your blog! I look forward to reading more! I would subscribe, but I'm not on blogger, so I'll have to just keep checking back.

    How did you end up in Finland? Do you speak Finnish (sorry if that's a stupid question, since you are living there!)? I'm fascinated by languages, and wish I was more disciplined. One of my life goals is to be fluent in Russian, but I haven't made a ton of progress so far. I'm always so impressed by people who know multiple languages!

    Just out of curiosity, have you read any Jules Verne?


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