Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Snippets #11

Hellooo lovely people of the Internetz. I am here to talk about the week that has passed (almost, anyway). The weather has really caught up and it's proper cold and crispy now - I've worn mittens, yes I have.
It has been a nice and peaceful week, the usuals (work, Finnish class) plus getting outside quite a bit. I think the main focus this week was on food. I had been falling off my Paleo-train for a while now and became really frustrated not eating properly anymore, not to mention feeling constantly fatigued and out of energy because I had turned back to fast and crappy carbs (which, for me personally, just don't work). Sooo I decided to grab the reins and get back proper on the Paleo-train and that I have done, and maaan, the difference it makes what you put in your mouth! So much energy.
I made a really nice recipe discovery as well, I had been looking for a really good cauliflower soup recipe and tried some, but hadn't really felt that neither of recipes I tried would make it to my "to make at least once a month" list, until I tried this recipe - Paleo cauliflower soup with crispy bacon. I love Irena's site in general and have tried quite a few of her recipes. But this soup. Just so good. There's something about soups in autumn time and I could eat them like every other evening, probably.
I've read a lot of books this month in general (it must be my highest quantity month yet), but I don't want to start counting until the monthly recap. Last weekend I finished "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" by Milan Kundera, which was re-read and is now strongly competing against Atkinson's "Life After Life" in the category of "The Best Book of the Year So Far", after which I picked up "Ship of Magic" by Robin Hobb, and since it is a HUGE book (900 pages), I've only made it to half so far. That plus the fact that I've been a bit out of concentration to read in general this week. But it's so good! I would recommend Robin Hobb to anyone who maybe haven't read that much fantasy but wants to try, her books are so immersive, have simple enough language and number of main-ish characters usually does not form a small army (like it often happens with high fantasy).
Haven't watched much anything, except we did watch the first Harry Potter movie last weekend. Surprise surprise, the boyfriend is really enjoying the books :)


  1. It's been perfect soup weather, hasn't it? That cauliflower soup looks delicious, last week we had a roasted squash soup with crispy bacon, which was also lovely.
    I must try some Robin Hobb, I call myself a fantasy fan but haven't read anything by her yet.

    1. Indeed it has been perfect soup weather :) I really like Hobb's fantasy and can't wait to get to the next trilogy (would be nice to finish this one off first, though).

  2. MMMMM soup. I want to make some potato cheddar soup sometime this month. I love all the hearty stuff for this time of year. That cauliflower soup sounds really good too! Although I'd have to do turkey bacon instead of bacon bacon, but still. Yum.

    Yay for lots of good reading! And I have a Robin Hobb book I've been meaning to try - The Assassin's Apprentice. I'll get to it one of these days :) Glad to hear that you like her.

    1. I'm gonna try a sweet potato soup next! Autumn is totally a soup season.

      I have to admit it took me a while to get into The Assassin's Apprentice back when I started reading this series, but just as the books get bigger as they go, in my opinion they also get a lot better so don't get discouraged in the very beginning maybe.

  3. You really should make a sweet potato soup next! When at home I work in an organic shop/cafe where we make the most amazing soups...I'm definitely missing them! I'll have to try and make some here, despite not having a blender or any good vegetable stock.

    Paleo diets really appeal to me, although there's the rather significant issue of my being a vegetarian :P

    On the topic of books, I love that you enjoyed Life After Life too! And I really should plan a re-read of The Unbearable Lightness of Being - it's such a great book.


    1. Actually I have an excellent sweet potato soup waiting to be tried - thanks for reminding me :)

      Yes, I guess paleo focuses quite heavily on meat. I don't think being vegetarian-paleo would quite work. The thing I miss the most when keeping this kind of diet is definitely dairy products - yoghurts and all that jazz. But I feel so much better when I don't eat them so can't win in this situation :)

      I read Life After Life in the beginning of the week and no other book has still managed to push it off from TOP1, although Unbearable Lightness is close.


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