Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Snippets #7

I missed Sunday Snippets last weekend, mainly because I was just. so. tired after arriving from the amazing concert some vague time at night, with feet aching from standing and jumping around for hours.

But, it's a new week and I'm baack!

Weather has been nice, summery but not overly hot. For some reason, I have had this unexplainable craving for snow and Christmas lately; it's actually quite common that I get it in July, but this time it has been going on for a good week or so and I'm getting slightly concerned.

Bout of Books is approaching again and I see the sign-up posts popping up in my reader quite regularly, but I haven't decided yet. I will be on vacation during the Bout of Books, but I have no idea yet whether I will be at home or not, so it might happen that I won't have much online time. And also, pushing myself to reading a lot right now can be either a very good thing or a total disaster.
I won this from a giveaway. Very suitable comic strip to booklovers and overall nerdy people.
Tom Gauld on Tumblr.
I've been struggling majorly to pick a book to read. I have a few unfinished books from June, from the time my grandmother died - okay, I get it, they are at the moment associated to a very sad feeling so I'll wait a bit before I pick them up again. I tried The Prague Cemetery, but didn't get into it at all and it went back on the shelf. Finally, some Jasper Fforde books arrived in the mail, and I managed to finish Lost in a Good Book last night. Sooo good. Now I'm on the fence whether to continue with Thursday Next or to try Robin Hobb - I also started Ship of Magic and it was going really well, maybe I need this kind of escapade that fantasy literature can offer right now...
Mammu with a pair of my new shoes :)
Been watching:
Modern Family, Season 3 - watching with boyfriend, continually hilarious.
I finished Season 3 of Downton Abbey a few days ago and I am happy to be caught up with this one, though this season there were sooo many cases where I rolled my eyes, but oh well. It's a guilty pleasure, so eye-rolling is part of the business :)
Then, boyfriend and I went a bit more into House of Cards, Season 1 - a very well done series with some ridiculously good acting (Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright). I have a good feeling about this one.
Aand, I am weekly hooked to my guilty pleasure number 1 - Project Runway, Season 12. I can't comprehend the warm feelings towards this series myself because aside from that, I take interest in exactly zero other reality shows/contests/whatever, but I've seen and enjoyed every single season and episode of Project Runway, so yes. It's somewhat of a conundrum.

And here's a sight you one doesn't see every day, or to be more precise, almost never.


  1. I hate it when I get all indecisive about which book to read next. It happens every couple of months and I waste so much time deciding what to read.

    1. Yeah, I've thought of doing a book jar, like some other bloggers, but I'm too much of a mood reader for that.

  2. You're making me want to read more Thursday Next! I popped into my local library yesterday to sign up and spotted a couple on the shelves so I think I know what I'll be borrowing first :)

    As ever I'm loving the cat pictures. I miss my dog so much right now that I'm living vicariously through other pet owners! Also, lovely shoes and the jet pack book looks awesome.

    Have a good week :)

    1. There's nothing bad about wanting to read Thursday Next ;)

      Oww, I usually miss my cats enormously even if I am away only a few days. Like when we were in Prague for four days. In the evenings in hotel room there were the conversations with the boyfriend: "Wonder what Mammu is doing? Wonder if Robert is being a major rascal..." :D So I understand about missing the pet, I hope you get to see your dog soon :)

      The shoes are so comfy and Jetpack book was so funny. Thank you!

  3. The kitties, they are just so cute! And that Tom Gauld books veeeeeery interesting.

    I hope you can do Bout of Books! But I totally get why you're hesitant to sign up, if you're not even sure what you're doing that week yet :) Just remember - it's ZERO pressure! So you know, if you sign up but don't get much reading done, it's totally cool.

    Was season 3 of Downton Abbey good? I can't believe I still haven't watched it...

    1. The zero pressure is a good point. I tend to forget that, and then like many others, I set goals to myself and then if I can't read or update as much as I like then I get all depressed :p But I think I'll sign up anyway, at least I can take part in your challenge then, if not much else :)

      3rd season of Downton Abbey had some really depressing events (actually one particularly), so overall to me it was quite gloomy. But a lot of drama, as usual, some characters get more annoying while others redeem themselves.


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