Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Snippets #6

It looks like Sunday Snippets is all I post these days, and maybe I am in a blogging slump as well, but I am happy I started these Sunday posts - at least it keeps me on track and not forget about the blog all together. 

Nothing particularly interesting happened this week, but it was a nice week, nevertheless. Work is easier in summer (less news means less work for me), weather has been nice (meaning not too hot). On Thursday we went to see Man of Steel, the boys liked it but I found myself falling asleep for the second half of the film... Let it be mentioned that there are plenty of superhero and/or comic-based movies that I like very much, so this one just wasn't for me. 

A dress and three pairs of shoes arrived in mail. It was indeed a nice week. 

I finished a book too! Golden Boy by Abigail Tarttelin - a fast book on controversial and intriguing topic (hermaphrodites/intersex people). I still have Middlesex winking from the TBRS (to be read soon) shelf here at home as I am writing this.

Been watching:

Modern Family, Season 2 - still very funny.  

House of Cards, Season 1 - started this with the boyfriend. There is so much speaking for this series, but it's a bit hard to form opinions yet as we have only seen 2 episodes. 

Downton Abbey, Season 3 - something terrible just happened in the episode I watched today. I hope the overall moods in the series will improve somewhat. 

I also finished Jane Eyre miniseries (BBC, 2006), which I started a while back. I liked it a great deal, when it comes to staying true to the novel. Honestly, I tried watching the 2011 version with Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska, but gave up half way. To me, that adaption was just butchering the whole novel and there was nothing captivating about it. 

Waiting for:

Finishing the winner of this year's Women's Prize, May We Be Forgiven by A. M. Homes. It was good I approached this book without any expectations and no knowledge of any hype (if there was any), since it has been a really interesting and rather pleasant surprise.

Muse stadium concert here in Helsinki next Saturday. Oh, yes.  

Mammucat has adopted new box, suitable for both - sleeping and chilling out.


  1. The BBC Jane Eyre mini series is so good! To be fair, they don't often get things wrong but this one is a corker :D I tend to re-watch it whenever I feel the need for some Rochester in my life.

    I look forward to your thoughts on May We Be Forgiven. I almost bought it the other day but was trying to be good. I won't be able to resist if you think it's good!

    Glad you had a good week, loving the cat pictures :)

    1. Rochester was indeed pretty good in BBC version of Jane Eyre, even though maybe still a bit too "handsome" compared to how I imagined him when reading :p

      I finished May We Be Forgiven yesterday, I think I can safely say this book is not for everyone, but for me at this point it was a good change. But I'll write about it a bit longer in the blog.

  2. Glad you had a nice week :)
    I've been in a bit of a blogging slump too, I am waaay behind on reviews.

    Middlesex is so good, hope you enjoy it!

    1. I'm looking forward to Middlesex, actually I was tempted to start it already but I figured I'll take a little pause from the subject after reading Golden Boy, otherwise maybe it will get too much.

  3. Awwww, kitties in boxes :) Classic.

    I want to see Man of Steel, even though I've heard not-great things about it. I've never seen a Superman movie, despite my love of superhero movies in general (except Batman... I hate Batman).

    I hope you're enjoying your summer! And I'm glad that you do these Sunday Snippet posts now :)

    1. I had never seen a Superman movie either and to be honest, Superman as a hero has never interested me as much as some others, even though I generally know what it's about, who the characters are, etc. I think the movie was actually decent, I was just really tired that evening and so I kept dozing off and then felt like I missed out on details. Why you don't like Batman? Leaving the character aside I think the movies by Christopher Nolan were really well made.

      I'm glad I'm doing Sunday posts too, it's so much easier that way to return to blog regularly and not disappear for weeks :)

  4. Slumps happen -- I can certainly attest to that! Nice to check back in with you though and see pictures of the kitties -- I suck a sucker for those furry guys :)


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